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Central Region Award Guidelines


Central Region awards are offered to recognize outstanding projects, clubs and members that advance the goals and objectives of Central Region and NGC. These awards are designed to inspire, motivate and encourage our members. 

The Award Year runs from September 1st to August 31st of the given year, with Applications due to the CR Awards Chairman by September 10th. Late entries will not be judged. This includes Club yearbooks. NGC no longer provides YearBook Awards, so there is no reason to have a separate deadline for Yearbooks. Awards are given at the Central Region Convention Meeting. 

All sponsorship checks should be sent to the Central Region Treasurer. The Awards Chair will contact the specific sponsor after September 10th to confirm if entries were received. This eliminates the need for unnecessary sponsorship checks. 

With the exception of Yearbooks and the Youth Awards, all CR Awards can be submitted directly to the CR Awards Chair. The State Awards Chair will be informed of the submission via email from the CR Chair. 

Effective with the 2023-2025 term, NGC is requiring all Award Applications to be sent electronically. Central Region will follow their lead. Because the NGC theme is GO GREEN-PLANT AMERICA, NCG is encouraging all members to submit electronic entries rather than use up more of our natural resources. If you are unable to submit a Central Region entry electronically, please contact the CR Awards Chair prior to submitting.

Instructions for applying for CR Awards (unless otherwise stated in Award): 

1. Application is limited to three pages, front of pages only. No report cover, binder or plastic sheets. (for manual submission) Central Region Application form is page one.

2. Give a brief summary of the project, including photos, letters, financial information, publicity or other supporting data. 

3. Photos may be attached to pages (manual submission) or inserted electronically.

4. Keep a copy for your records, as the application will not be returned. 

5. Send the completed three pages and supporting documents electronically to:

Central Region Awards Chairman, Kerry Krokos at

6. If you need to send by mail, send to: 

Central Region Awards Chairman, Kerry Krokos 

8640 W. Spokane St. 

Milwaukee, WI. 53224 

Cell Only:414-628-4545

  • CR Award #1-Partnering with Youth in Planting America. Certificate to the club involving youth in planting pollinator plants, and teaching them the importance of pollination. 

  • CR Award #2-Planting Community Gardens. Certificate and $25.00 to a club that makes a difference in their community with plantings; may be annuals, perennials, native plants, wildflowers or vegetables. 

    • Personal Sponsor: Lynne Ehnert, Current CR Director. 

  • CR Award #3-Sharing Gardens. Certificate to a club for holding an outstanding garden walk open to the public, a garden tea and/or tour, or a garden therapy outing. 

  • CR Award #4-Healing Gardens. Certificate and $50.00 to a club or individual for establishing or maintaining special gardens using pink flowers, such as container gardens or a memorial garden. 

    • Personal Sponsor: Linda Dingee. 

  • CR Award #5-Caring Through Garden Therapy. Certificate and $50.00 to a club with the best program or project of services for an activity with nursing homes, senior centers, developmentally and/or physically challenged. 

    • Sponsor: The Garden Clubs of Illinois, Inc. 

  • CR Award #6-Preserving Our Land. Certificate and $50.00 to a district, club or member for outstanding work in the field of conservation, natural resources or wildlife refuge. Can be with youth and/or adults. 

    • Sponsor: Federated Garden Clubs of Missouri, Inc.

  • CR Award #7-Protect and Know Our Pollinators. Certificate to a garden club working with members and youth; learning how to protect the many pollinators such as bees, butterflies, moths, insects and other creatures we rely on to pollinate flowers, fruits, etc. 

  • CR Award #8-Promoting National Garden Week. Certificate and $50.00 to a club documenting activities held in celebration of National Garden Week. 

    • Sponsor: Garden Club of Indiana, Inc. 

  • CR Award #9-Sharing Creativity. Club, Council, District and State Flower Shows are eligible. 

    • 9a-Certificate and $50.00 for the best overall Standard Flower Show Schedule. Submit Application form and 1 (one) copy of the Schedule. Awards Chair will forward entries to David Robson for judging by NGC evaluators. 

      • Personal Sponsor: David Robson, NGC Flower Show Schools Horticulture Instructor. 

    • 9b-Certificate for best Standard Flower Show Horticulture Division. Award will be based on the show’s schedule listing correct scientifically named horticulture classes and number of horticulture entries in proportion to the size of the sponsoring club. Submit Application form with 1 (one) copy of the Schedule. 

    • 9c-Certificate and $25.00 for the highest scoring Flower Show Educational Exhibit. Submit Application form with 1 (one) copy of the Schedule and supporting documentation.

      • Personal Sponsor: Kerry Krokos, CR Awards Chair 

  • CR Award #10-Sharing CR Talents in Vision of Beauty Calendar. 

    • Certificate and $25.00 to the CR State with the largest number of entries featured in the NGC Vision of Beauty Calendar. No application is required. CR Awards Chairman determines the winner based on the State entries in that year's calendar. 

      • Sponsor: Michigan Garden Clubs, Inc. 

  • CR Award #11-Honoring Veterans-Blue and Gold Star Memorials. Certificate and $50.00 to a member, club, council or state for outstanding work in erecting a Blue Star and/or Gold Star Memorial. 

    • Sponsor: Federated Garden Clubs of Minnesota, Inc. 

  • CR Award #12-Celebrating Life Memberships. Certificate and $25.00 to the club acquiring the newest CR Life Members. 

    • Sponsor: Wisconsin Garden Club Federation.

  • CR Award #13-Youth Activities Awards. 

    • 13a: Certificate and $25.00 to the State Garden Club with the highest percentage of participation in NGC Youth Award Programs. (Poetry, Sculpture, Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl Poster) The State Youth Activities Chairman will report by March 1st of each year to CR Youth Activities Chairman. 

    • 13b: Essay Contest for grades 9-12. Certificate and $25.00 for an award winning essay  on “The Importance of Trees for the Environment”. Essays must be between 500 and  1000 words. Submit essay by February 1, 2024 to James Pavelka : 1034 E. 8th St.  Hobart, Indiana 46342-5220 or email to Winning essay  will also be printed in the Central Region newsletter. Applicants must include Name,  Address, Phone, Grade level. Sponsoring club and state. Any questions call  219-629-2358.  

      • Personal Sponsor: James Pavelka, CR Chairman of NGC youth sculpture, poetry and poster awards. 

  • CR Award #14-Club Yearbook. Certificate and $25.00 in each class listed below. Criteria for preparing and Scale of Points located at the bottom of the award procedures. Yearbooks must be sent to the State Awards Chair first. Winning State Yearbooks are then sent to the CR Awards chair. 

    • 14a-Clubs under 20 members. 

      • Personal Sponsor: Kerry Krokos,CR Awards Chair 

    • 14b-Clubs with 21-299 members. 

      • Personal Sponsor: Carol Yee, former Central Region Director 



BEST IN EACH REGION: NGC certificate and Pin; recognized in The National Gardener 

This award is given to one member in each Region whose volunteer efforts during a period of five or more years, has made outstanding contributions to club and community in one or more of the following areas: 

* Civic development 

* Horticulture therapy

* Youth activities 

* Conservation 

* Landscape design 

* Horticulture 

* Floral design 

* All around excellence 

Eligibility: Any member of a State Garden Club who has NEVER been a member of the NGC Board of Directors. 

Application, 5 pages maximum, one-sided, must include: 

● Title page containing: 

1. Name of State Federation and Region 

2. Area(s) of nominee’s outstanding contribution/s 

3. Name, complete mailing address, phone number of nominee 

4. Sponsoring club name, president’s name, address and signature 

● Short, typed description of nominee’s accomplishments, 1 page 

● Supporting information: 

1. Maximum 3-page outline listing accomplishments of nominee (including offices and chairmanships held) 

Winning application is determined from state applications by the CR Awards chair. Due date to the CR Awards Chair is January 1st. CR Awards Chair must send to the following by February 20th: 

Lynne Ehnert 

W143 N6828 Aspen Drive 

Menomonee Falls, WI 53051-0925

Central Region Awards
Yearbook Criteria

Yearbooks are judged by club size using this scale of points.  State award winning yearbooks are submitted to the Central Region Awards chairman to be judged at the regional level.  No page limit.

FORMAT - 15 points

A. Book Structure (3 pts)

(Practical, durable, convenient size, neat)

B. Arrangement of Content

1. Cover (2 pts)

Name of club, town, state, year (design optional)

If permanent binder cover is used, substitute with paper cover and include required information on cover and so note.

2. Title Page (2 pts)

Name of club, town, state, year, number of members, affiliated organizations (district, state, region, NGC, other)

3. Subsequent Pages (6 pts)

These may include (in any order most useful to members): club officers, club membership roster with complete mailing addresses and telephone numbers, names and addresses of NGC President, Regional Director, State President, State District Director, Council President (if any), Calendar of events

C. Options (2 pts)

Club's choice to include bylaws, budget, fund raising, roll call. NGC/Regional/State themes; club theme, if used, should be evident throughout the book.

PROGRAMS - 50 points

Programs are judged upon quality and balance of programs.  Study on a variety of NGC goals and objectives such as: Birds, Blue Star Memorials, Butterflies, Civic Achievement, Conservation, Environment, Flower Shows, Floral Design, Historic Preservation, Horticulture, Horticulture Therapy, Landscape Design, Legislation, Litter Control, Roadside Beautification, US & World Gardening, Wildflowers, Youth, etc.

1. At least seven meetings a year (3 pts)

2. Date, location/address, time of meeting (3 pts)

3. Speaker's name, qualifications, (brief), program title (4 pts)

4. Programs, workshops, tours furthering NGC goals & objectives (40 pts)

Give brief word description (lecture, slides, demonstration, hands-on workshops, etc.)

PROJECTS - 35 points

Judged upon scope of the project(s). Projects should involve actual membership participation that benefits the community and furthers NGC goals and objectives (does not include fund raising or social activities).

1. List Continuing and New Projects (15 pts)

2. Description of projects (10 pts)

Briefly describe who benefits and how many members participate, etc.

3. List of donations (10 pts)

List amount, in-kind, to whom, sale of state/NGC products (Vision of Beauty calendars, cookbooks).


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