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Schools & Education

NGC  schools provide members and non-members with a range of educational opportunities on the art and science of the environment, gardening, landscape design and floral design.  Schools are sponsored by individual states and follow the curriculum established by NGC.

Central Region members also have the opportunity to join in NGC webinars, workshops, conventions, and more.

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Environmental School increases your awareness of the natural world and ways to protect and preserve it.  Land and water conservation and air quality are emphasized.

Environmental School: The Living Earth

Series 7, Course 2

Sept. 27 & 28, 2024 at Maywood in Sheboygan

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Flower Show School is a thorough program that prepares you to enter, judge, compete and chair an NGC flower show.

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Gardening School is for those who are interested in expanding their knowledge of gardening techniques, horticulture, and related subjects.

Landscape Design School develops an appreciation of the history of landscape design and provides the skills to plan for and improve your own landscape.

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