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Scholarship Information

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 The Central Region Scholarship Fund


Each year The Central Region Garden Clubs, Inc. gives out two $500.00 scholarships to worthy students in one of the seven states in the region. In 2020, Central Region gave only one $500.00 Scholarship due to not having enough funds to give two.

I would like to suggest that each of the seven states consider putting The Central Region Garden Clubs Scholarship Fund on their State Contributions List. Garden Clubs within each state could consider contributing annually to this fund. Even just a dollar given from each club in the seven states could significantly increase the amount of money the Central Region would have available to give out to students who are studying Plant Sciences, Horticulture, and Landscape Design, etc. Please present this suggestion to your Executive Committee, Board of Directors and members for their consideration.

As we all know so well, the cost of education is expensive. Being able to support students financially to reach their goals is one of the greatest things we can do at the Club, State, Region and National level.

The state of Missouri has been blessed with Scholarship Funds and Trusts set up by past members who are dedicated to exceptional students who have a heart for plants in one fashion or another. I have been a Scholarship Chairman and Trustee over the past 8 years for Missouri. There has been nothing more gratifying than awarding students Scholarships which allow them to continue their educations, and which alleviate some of the burden of the cost.

Many thanks for your consideration,

Nan McCabe

Scholarship Chairman

Central Region 2021-2023



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