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Central Region Convention
October 16 - 18, 2022
Bloomington, MN

We invite you to celebrate with us! Come join in on the fun. Please continue to check here for updates regarding specific event details such as location, the time and date of the event, dress attire, and more. Don’t hesitate to reach out with additional questions, and don’t forget to RSVP.   See you soon!












Central Region Director
Carol Yee

2021 - 2023

Theme: “Plant America- Sow the Seeds and Keep Growing”

Thank you!

It’s been a wonderful experience and an honor for both Laurel and I to attend three Central Region state’s conventions (Michigan, Missouri and Wisconsin). By the time you read this, I’ll have also attended Iowa’s.  It’s been a pleasure to meet so many talented, creative and enthusiastic club members as well as to observe how different states run their conventions. Thank you for your hospitality!  We’re looking forward to visiting the remaining CR states next year.


CR Standing Rules revisions

On June 1, the Central Region Executive Committee met on ZOOM.  CR Standing Rules revisions as recommended by the CR Organization Study Committee were approved and will be added to the CR website ( 


CR Bylaws Proposed revisions

Proposed CR Bylaws revisions (also recommended by the CR Organization Study Committee) and approved by the CR Executive Committee are in this issue of the newsletter as well as on the website.  Delegates will vote on the proposed bylaws changes at the CR Convention in Minnesota.  Thank you very much to Organization Study Committee Chair Gerry St. Peters, OS Committee member Kitty Larkin, and CR Parliamentarian Karen Johanson for working on the very demanding task of revising both CR Bylaws and Standing Rules.



CR Facebook administrator Sarah Nahmias ( needs your help!  Please send Sarah information and photos to post to the new CR Facebook page: Central Region Garden Clubs.


Central Region Educational Opportunities:

Judges:  This is the last year to be able to take advantage of the NGC exemption (do not need to provide judging, exhibiting credits) if you have not already used it.  Central Region opportunities are:



Aug. 2-3  St. Louis, MO  Registrar: Wilma Conley  (618) 674-7994

Sept. 9-11 Milwaukee, WI Registrar: Kitty Larkin  (262) 295-2922

Sept. 13-14 East Lansing, MI  Registrar: Lynn Miller  (616) 676-2274


Flower Show Schools:

Aug. 25-26, Madrid, IA Registrar: Sue Becker (712) 540-4762

Oct. 3-4, S. Barrington, IL  Registrar: Laurel DeBoer  (847) 526-8320

Other educational opportunities are available in CR:


Aug. 8-9, MI Zoom,  MI consultants given preference:

Environmental School: 

October 21-22 Course 1, In-Person, Manistee, MI  Registrar: Beth Markowski (616) 401-3387


CR Convention!  Everyone is invited!

Central Region Garden Clubs, Inc. Annual Convention, “Plant America: for the Birds and the Bees, the Flowers and the Trees” will be held October 16 -18, 2022 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Bloomington, Minnesota (near Mall of America).

A Petite Design Specialty Flower Show, “Bee Terrific,” will also be held during convention. (Schedule to be posted to the CR website soon).  Minnesota State President and Convention Chair Rene Lynch have planned “fun tours, great 

 programs, and a workshop.”  (Info on CR website soon.)  Hope to see you there!

Plant America: Sow the Seeds and Keep Growing!


Carol Yee  

Central Region Director