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Rene Lynch - State President
2021 - 2023

Theme: "Embrace Diversity in the Garden"


As if a new year of recovering from COVID-19 was  not enough, Federated Garden Clubs of Minnesota is experiencing an exceedingly difficult growing season.  Growing our organization is challenging.  My theme for this administration is Plant America - "Embrace Diversity in the Garden."    It is obvious that we need to reach out and encourage others to join our organization and grow new things and/or grow in new ways.

Most of Minnesota is suffering from moderate to severe drought conditions. Top that with record heat for May, June and July and the results are discouraging; whether  you grow for your own enjoyment, truck farm, maintain a public garden, or crop farm there are choices to make concerning water conservation. 


This year’s weather is fueling wildfires in our northern forests. Usually, this time of year we are sending our forest firefighters to other states, however we have crews from more than 20 states assisting Minnesota in fighting fires here. This is not the devastating fires of the west coast, but Minnesota has had 35,000 acres that have burned, and our forest fire season is not here yet. Penny Pines is coming to the forefront of our goals for the year. 


A highlight so far this year is the ceremony and installation of a Blue Star Marker in a new State VA Cemetery established on Native American land of the Leech Lake Ojibwe. There are 12 Native American VA Cemeteries in the United States. We believe, because we have researched, and are proud that this is the first one with a Blue Star Marker. Our plan is to continue to find ways to diversify our activities and projects and with a determination to grow.


Rene Lynch


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