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Central Region awards are offered to recognize outstanding projects that advance the goals and objectives of Central Region and NGC. This recognition inspires, motivates and encourages others to further their efforts and apply for awards.



Send Applications:   Susan Cooney, CR Awards Chairman                 

                                   1834 Wesley Ave.
                                   Evanston, IL 60201-3521

                                   Cell:      (847) 877-6711


2021 Award Dates: Covers Projects from September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021

Due to CR Award chairman September 10, 2021

Awards will be given at the Central Region meeting held in November


2022 Award Dates: Covers Projects from September 1, 2021 to August 31, 2022

Due to CR Award chairman September 10, 2022 

Awards will be given at the Central Region Convention Meeting

Deadline for submitting Central Region Club Yearbooks is January 5 the each year. Yearbook awards will be awarded at the Central Region Meeting held at NGC Annual Convention



NOTE: Use the Central Region Awards Application Form 

  •  Limited to three pages, front of pages only. (No report cover, binder or plastic sheets.)

  • Central Region Application Form is page one    

  • Give a brief summary of the project, including photos, letters, financial information,

  • The publicity or other supporting data.

  • Photos may be attached to pages or inserted electronically.  

  • The three pages may be sent electronically or by postal service.

  •  Keep a copy for your records, as the application will not be returned.

  •  Adhere to due dates listed above, except where noted. Late entries will not be judged.


CR Award #1 – Partnering with Youth in Planting America.  Certificate and $50.00 to the club involving youth in planting pollinator plants, and teaching them the importance of pollination. Sponsor: Fran Stueck, Past Central Region Director, personal sponsor.

CR Award #2 – Planting Community Gardens. Certificate and $25.00 to a club that

makes a difference in their community with plantings; may be annuals, perennials, native plants, wildflowers or vegetables. Personal Sponsor: CR Board Member Sue Fuhrman

CR Award #3 – Sharing Gardens. Certificate and $50.00 to a club for holding an outstanding garden walk open to the public, a garden tea and/or tour, or a garden therapy outing. Sponsor: Federated Garden Clubs of Iowa, Inc.

CR Award #4 – Healing Gardens. Certificate and $50.00 to a club or individual for establishing or maintaining special gardens using pink flowers, such as container gardens or a memorial garden. Personal Sponsor Linda Dingee

CR Award #5 – Caring Through Garden Therapy. Certificate and $50.00 to a club with the best program or project of services for an activity with nursing homes, senior centers, developmentally and/or physically challenged. Sponsor: The Garden Clubs of Illinois, Inc.

CR Award #6 – Preserving Our Land. Certificate and $50.00 to a district, club or member for outstanding work in the field of conservation, natural resources or wildlife refuge. Maybe with youth and/or adults. Sponsor: Federated Garden Clubs of Missouri, Inc.

CR Award #7 – Protect and Know our Pollinators. Certificate and $25.00 to a garden club working with members and youth. Learn how to protect the many pollinators such bees, butterflies, moths, insects and other creatures we rely on to pollinate flowers, fruits etc. Personal Sponsor- Bonnie Schwichtenberg

CR Award #8 – Promoting National Garden Week. Certificate and $50.00 to a club documenting activities held in celebration of National Garden Week.  Sponsor – Garden Club of Indiana, Inc.

CR Award #9 – Sharing Creativity. Eligible: Club, Council, District, and State Flower Shows.
9a – Certificate and $25.00 for best overall Standard Flower Show Schedule. Submit
Application form and one copy of schedule. Sponsor: Illinois Judges Council

9b – Certificate and $25.00 for best Standard Flower Show Horticulture Division.
Award will be based on show’s schedule listing correct scientifically named
Horticulture classes, and number of horticulture entries in proportion to the size of
Club. Submit one copy of the schedule with an application and supporting data. Personal Sponsor - Nancy Bahn

9c – Certificate and $25.00 for highest scoring Flower Show Educational Exhibit.
Submit one copy of the schedule with an application and supporting data.

CR Award #10 – Sharing CR Talents in Vision of Beauty Calendar. Certificate and $25.00 to the CR state with the largest number of entries featured in the NGC Vision of Beauty Calendar. No application required. Sponsor: Michigan Garden Clubs, Inc.


10a – 2021 Vision of Beauty calendar -- awarded at Fall Central Region Meeting


10b – 2022 Vision of Beauty calendar – awarded at Fall Central Region Meeting

CR Award #11 – Honoring Veterans-Blue & Gold Star Memorials. Certificate and $50.00 to a member, club, council, or state for outstanding work in erecting Blue Star and/or Gold Star Memorials. Sponsor: Federated Garden Clubs of Minnesota, Inc.

CR Award #12 – Celebrating Life Memberships. Certificate and $25.00 to the club acquiring the newest CR Life Members. Sponsor – Wisconsin Garden Club Federation


CR Award #13 – Youth Activities Award. Certificate and $25.00 to the State Garden Club with the highest percentage of participation in NGC Youth Award Programs for 2021 and 2022 (Poetry, Sculpture, Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl Poster). State Youth Activities Chairman will report by March 1 of each year to CR Youth Activities Chairman,  Will be awarded at CR gathering during 2022 and 2023 or  NGC Conventions. Personal Sponsor: James Pavelka, CR chairman of NGC youth sculpture, poetry and poster awards


CR Award 14 - Club yearbook Keep all members connected and let them know what the club is doing and the programs and goals of National Garden Club. Guidelines for yearbooks below. Certificate and $25 in each class


14 a. Clubs under 20 members Personal Sponsor Susan Cooney, Awards Chairman

14 b. Clubs with 21-299 members Personal Sponsor Carol Yee, Central Region Director

14 c. Clubs with 300 Plus members

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